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Due to the current health crisis and concern for our West Liberty University community, the WLU Foundation has extended the Day of Giving April 2 until June 30, 2020! For more information on the WLU Foundation and COVID-19, click here for a message from WLU Foundation Executive Director, Angela Zambito Hill. 


This extended season of giving brings together WLU alumni, staff, students, and friends to show their support for West Liberty University! 


Help us reach our $100,000 goal!


Matching Sponsors

Main Street Bank will match the first $15,000 overall! 


College of Arts and Communication: Pete Holloway $1,000


Gary E. West College of Business: Brad Blair $5,000


College of Education and Human Performance: Barbara Beck Scholarship $5,000  


College of Liberal Arts: David Javersak $1,000


College of Sciences: Stephen Greiner $1,000


Community University: WLU Foundation $500


Center for Arts & Education: Stephen Greiner $500


Center for Arts & Education: MaryLu Hutchins $500


Dental Hygiene: WLU Foundation $500


Graduate Studies: Brian Crawford $1,000


Greek Life: Theta Xi Alumni $1,000



Kenneth B. McMillen Fund: John Hoppers $1,000


Online Learning: WLU Foundation $500


Speech Pathology and Audiology: Jim & Carol Frum $1,000


Theatre Program: Tom Cervone $1,500


Acrobatics and Tumbling: Anissa & Danny Anderson $2,000


Baseball: John McCullough $500


Men’s Basketball: Janet Loew & Robert Cooper $1,000


Men’s Basketball: Janet Honecker $2,000


Men’s Basketball: Al Roszczyk $7,500


Women’s Basketball: Don & Lori Nickerson $1,000


Women’s Basketball: John McCullough $1,000


Cross-Country and Track & Field: John McCullough $1,000


Football: Lance LaFollette $1,000


Men’s Golf: WLU Foundation $500


Women’s Golf: Chris Muroski $500


Women’s Golf: Janet Honecker $2,000


Softball: David Cohen $1,000


Softball: John McCullough: $500


Men’s Soccer: Ron Matella $1,000


Women’s Soccer: WLU Foundation $500


Men’s Tennis: John McCullough $500


Women’s Tennis: John McCullough $500


Wrestling: Vince Monseau $1,000


Wrestling: John Craig $1,500


Volleyball: John McCullough $1,000

Thank You!