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On April 2 we celebrate West Liberty University’s 4th annual Day of Giving! This inspiring 24-hour giving challenge brings together WLU alumni, staff, students, and friends to show their support for West Liberty University! 


Help us raise $100K in just one day!


Matching Sponsors

Main Street Bank will match the first $15,000 overall! 


College of Arts and Communication: Pete Holloway $1,000


Gary E. West College of Business: Brad Blair $5,000


College of Education and Human Performance: Dave Beck $5,000  


College of Liberal Arts: David Javersak $1,000


College of Sciences: Stephen Greiner $1,000


Graduate Education: Brian Crawford $1,000


Center for Arts & Education: Stephen Greiner $500


Greek Life: Theta Xi $500

Speech Pathology and Audiology: Jim & Carol Frum $1,000


Theatre Program: Tom Cervone


Acrobatics and Tumbling: Anissa & Danny Anderson $2,000


Baseball: John McCullough $500


Men’s Basketball: Janet Loew & Robert Cooper $1,000


Men’s Basketball: Janet Honecker $2,000


Women’s Basketball: Don & Lori Nickerson $1,000


Women’s Basketball: John McCullough $1,000

Cross-Country and Track & Field: John McCullough $1,000


Football: Lance LaFollette $1,000


Women’s Golf: Chris Muroski $500


Women’s Golf: Janet Honecker $2,000


Softball: David Cohen $1,000


Softball: John McCullough: $500


Men’s Tennis: John McCullough $500


Women’s Tennis: John McCullough $500


Volleyball: John McCullough $1,000

Thank You!