Fund Managers

Welcome WLU Fund Managers! 

What is a West Liberty University Foundation Fund Manager?
The WLU Foundation manages 300 endowed and non-endowed funds. Each fund is assigned a Fund Manager. The Fund Manager is the point person for that fund and has the authority to spend available money according to the guidelines of the fund. The guidelines of the funds are developed in accordance with donor intent.


Being a WLU Fund Manager is an important responsibility because you are given access to donor directed funding to improve your specific department or area. Each Fund Manager will be held accountable to certain expectations by the WLU Foundation. The WLU Foundation Board of Directors and the WLU Foundation Executive Director will oversee an annual fund audit to assure that the proper procedures are being followed. Fund Managers who abuse their privileges will lose them.

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 Expectations of WLU Fund Managers:

  • Be knowledgeable about the guidelines of your fund.
  • Only request disbursement for things that are within the guidelines of your fund.
  • Use your available funding on an annual basis if you are able to.
  • Meet with the Foundation as needed to learn more about your fund.
  • Submit fundraising proposals for any fundraising activities at least one month in advance of expected event, grant deadline, mailing, or meeting.
  • Keep the Foundation apprised of personnel changes that would affect the role of a Fund Manager (Deans and Department Heads especially).
  • Report any highlights of your program to the WLU Foundation so they can be included in annual communications to donors.
  •  If you are communicating with or thanking donors directly, make sure the WLU Foundation is aware.
  • Follow all Fund Manager Procedures including Disbursement Request, Fund Transfer Request, Fundraising Activities Proposal, and Need Request Proposal procedures.

Expectations of the WLU Foundation:

  • Training for new Fund Managers.
  • Annual Fund Manager Meeting.
  • Annual Fund Balances.
  • Communication on specific funds as needed.
  • Timely payment of bills and payees.
  • Oversight of the Stewardship Process and regular communication with donors.
  • Grant Management for established grant funded projects.


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