West Liberty University Foundation Scholarships

WLU Foundation Scholarships are established and funded by individuals or organizations to provide an opportunity to WLU students. The WLU Foundation is pleased to manage over 130 scholarship funds. If you would like to learn more about establishing a scholarship, please call 304-336-5635.


If you are a prospective or current student interested in applying for a Foundation Scholarship, please contact your athletic coach or academic department chair.

  • Robert and Patricia Gracey Olivia Simon President Greiner
    Leah Gracey Campbell Scholarship Luncheon, February 2020
  • President Greiner and Collegiate Alumnae 1
    Collegiate Alumnae Scholarship Luncheon, February 2020
  • Scholarship Luncheon - Cain
    Nelson Cain Scholarship Luncheon, March 2019
  • Scholarship Luncheon - Javersak
    David T. Javersak College of Liberal Arts Scholarship Luncheon, March 2019
  • Scholarship Luncheon - Seamon
    Don L. Seamon Memorial Nursing Scholarship Luncheon, March 2019
  • Scholarship Lucheons Gary WEst
    Gary West Scholarship Breakfast, March 2019
  • Marty and Patty Adams Caitlin DeVries Angie and President 1
    Marty Adams Scholarship Luncheon, October 2019