West Liberty University Foundation Scholarships

WLU Foundation Scholarships were established and funded by individuals or organizations to provide an opportunity to WLU students. The WLU Foundation is pleased to manage over 120 scholarship funds. If you would like to learn more about establishing a scholarship, please call 304-336-5635.

Athletic Scholarships

Baseball Scholarship 

Bernabei Father-Daughter Scholarship

Cardamone Family Scholarship 

Clyde Thomas Scholarship

Cross Country & Track Scholarship 

Crutchfield Family Scholarship 

Edgar Martin Men’s Tennis Scholarship 

Elmer F. Dietz Football Scholarship 

Eugene Crutchfield Memorial Scholarship  

Forrest L Mellott Memorial Football Scholarship

Golf Scholarship 

Hall of Fame Athletic Scholarship 

Jack Schuetz – State Farm Student Athlete Scholarship 

John W. Carenbauer Baseball Scholarship 

Joseph A. Bartell Scholarship

Joseph E Davis Scholarship 

Kathleen A Pavlisko Baseball Scholarship

Kathryn T Neuman Scholarship 

Nicholas Frank Scholarship

Norm Winters Scholarship  

R. Clark Morton Scholarship 

Women’s Softball Scholarship 

Women’s Tennis Scholarship 

Zach Amedro Football Scholarship

Gary E. West College of Business Scholarships

3-D SBA Scholarship

Andrew and Linda Pasden SBA Scholarship

Bill Dolan Scholarship 

Dr. John McCullough Business/Athletic Scholarship

Dr. Thomas J. Babb SBA Scholarship

Gary E. West College of Business Scholarship 

George and Mildred Polak Scholarship

Horne Family Honors Scholarship 

Kenneth P. Wright Memorial Scholarship

Peter M. & Jingsi Sontag SBA Scholarship 

Professor Charles B. Davis Jr. Memorial Scholarship

Robert Godfrey Accounting Scholarship 

Zeno, Pockl, Lilly & Copeland Accounting Scholarship

Other Scholarships

Barnes & Noble Scholarship 

Caldwell Scholarship

Charlotte Eleanore Ball & Edward Evans Golden Scholarship 

Classified Staff Employee Scholarship

Collegiate Alumnae of Wheeling

George and Dolly Grim Scholarship 

Guy H. & Mary Ann West Scholarship 

Hazel Jane Gilleland Scholarship

John C. Shaw Scholarship

Larry V. and Paula K. Moore Scholarship

Louis A. Brescel, Jr. Scholarship 

Marty Adams Scholarship

Mary K. Ahrens Scholarship 

Mary Jane Ritson Scholarship 

Meagel Scholarship

Nelson Cain Scholarship

Project BEST Scholarship 

Robert L. Levenson Memorial Scholarship 

Robert L. & Nancy C. Loew Memorial Scholarship  

Sara Jane Fritz Memorial Scholarship 

Schnitzler/Hartenstein Scholarship

Silver Bears Scholarship

Valerie Renee Callas Scholarship 

Veterans Scholarship

West Liberty University Foundation Scholarship 

West Virginia Society of Washington DC Book Scholarship 

College of Liberal Arts Scholarships

Cory Hewitt-Criminal Justice Major Scholarship

David T. Javersak Scholarship

Dr. John (Jack) W. Hattman English Scholarship

Kenneth B. McMillen Scholarship 

Kenneth R. Nodyne Scholarship 

Nancy Smith-Harris ’36 Scholarship 

Raymond G. Hughes Memorial Scholarship

College of Arts & Communications 

Alfred R. de Jaager Choral Scholarship 

Art Department Scholarship

Donald W. Jones Music Scholarship 

Donald L. Pahl, Sr. Music Scholarship

Dr. Edward C. Wolf Music Scholarship

Edna M. Goodknight Memorial Scholarship

Eileen M. Reinbold Graphic Design Scholarship 

Hazlett A. Cochran Scholarship 

Music Scholarship

Performing Theatre Artist Scholarship 

Pete Holloway Scholarship

Robert Villamagna, Jr. Memorial Scholarship 

Vernon D. “Mike” Riemer Memorial Scholarship Fund

William S. & Lee Weeks Abraham Music Scholarship

College of Education Scholarships

Donald and Mary Ann Bruno Education Scholarship

Doris Lake Jones Scholarship 

Leah Gracey Campbell Math Education Scholarship 

Maria Cigalle-Sontag Scholarship 

Martha Hudson Goodrich Education Scholarship 

Mary Casey Bates Elementary Education Scholarship

College of Sciences Scholarships

Carol Frum Scholarship 

Catharine H. Dorer Dental Hygiene Scholarship 

Constance Stewart Health Sciences Scholarship

Department of Natural Sciences Scholarship

Don L. Seamon Memorial Nursing Scholarship

Dorothy Long Nursing Scholarship 

Dr. Clyde D. Campbell Scholarship

Dr. David G. Edwards Biology Scholarship

Dr. E. J. Joseph Dental Hygiene Scholarship 

Eastern Star Nursing Scholarship

James G. Marsh Memorial Scholarship

Jeri Dailey Mathematics Scholarship

Kenneth Harris Scholarship

Lawerence H. Talley Scholarship

Linda S. (Forbes) Edwards Dental Hygiene Scholarship 

Lula K. Collins Memorial Scholarship 

McCarroll Family Trust Scholarship

Nick Baker Scholarship

Nursing Scholarship

Pallottini Memorial Scholarship

Sargent Dental Hygiene Scholarship 

Washington/Greene County Society Scholarship

Wheeling District Dental Society Scholarship